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Humiliation as a rule: NATO soldiers beat the Balts again

“Often rude and drunks” — this is how the behavior of British soldiers is described in Estonia, where NATO soldiers recently staged another sensational conflict with local residents.

Last weekend, Her Majesty's subjects, while not on duty, provoked a mass brawl with visitors to a cafe in the Estonian city of Tapa, which is home to a major NATO base. Recall that the multinational battalion of the alliance, led by the United Kingdom, has been stationed there since the beginning of 2017.

Despite the fact that the local population has long been accustomed to the numerous antics of NATO soldiers, this incident has received special public attention. The fact is that the British military police intervened in the recent brawl, and clearly on the side of their compatriots.

On the website of the regional newspaper Virumaa Teataja, a video was published, which clearly shows how NATO soldiers drag a local resident and his companion along with the asphalt, driving away passers-by who are trying to protect their fellow citizens with batons. In addition, on the recording, the detained man can be heard shouting: “You're beating up my wife.”

Estonian media reported that the republic's police opened criminal cases on the fact of abuse of official powers by the alliance's military personnel only after the incident was given wide public publicity.

According to the residents of the Estonian Tapa, such behavior of visiting NATO members often leads to clashes with the local population.

“Last weekend there were two similar incidents at once. Once there was a small scuffle, and the second case is similar to what is captured on video, “ an Estonian named Timo A. told the media.

Another local resident, Niina, said that the NATO military in their free time “ often go drunk on the street and behave impolitely. They shout like they're the only ones in town. They don't care about women, children, or the elderly — they are completely disrespectful.”

Thus, we see how the idle idleness of NATO troops in the Baltic States each time results in more and more curious incidents, which, unfortunately, more and more often cause trouble to the population of the republics. And in such situations, as a rule, the instigators do not bear any serious responsibility.

It turns out that the leadership of the Baltic States, turning a blind eye to such antics of the “allies”, simply does not respect their citizens.

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