U.S. attorney general complains about Trump tweets

U.S. attorney general complains about Trump tweets

Statements by the US president on Twitter about the Justice Department make work impossible, says William Barr.

Publications by US President Donald Trump on Twitter about the Department of Justice hinder the work of the agency. This was stated in an interview with ABC News by the Minister of Justice, Attorney General William Barr.

The prosecutor’s statement concerns Trump’s comments on the case of former presidential adviser Roger Stone, who is charged with giving false evidence and obstructing the investigation of Russia's alleged interference in the 2016 US presidential election.

According to Barr, Trump never asked him to do anything about this case, but his statements, including on Twitter, about the ministry, the ministry’s employees, the judges who are considering the case, make it impossible to complete the work.

According to the Prosecutor General, “the time has come to stop writing tweets about criminal cases that the Justice Ministry is engaged in.”

Recall that in January, Trump updated his record for the number of tweets per day. The U.S. also found out how Trump's tweets affect markets.

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