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In India, they announced the discovery of “yellow mold”

A doctor from the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh found three types of mold in one of the patients at once — yellow, black, and white. This is reported by the NDTV channel.

According to him, the patient was treated for coronavirus for two months, but four days ago one side of his face began to swell, and bleeding from the nose also began. A medical examination revealed infection with fungal infection.

“After an endoscopy, we found out that he was infected with three types of fungi — black, white, and yellow. The yellow fungus is commonly found in reptiles. I first discovered this in a person, “ said otolaryngologist B. P. Tyagi.

Earlier it was reported that against the background of the epidemic of “black mold” in India, the infection “white mold” appeared. It is noted that four cases related to the white fungal infection were reported in the state of Bihar in eastern India, which is now struggling with a devastating outbreak of COVID-19. Among the dead is a doctor working on the front line.

Earlier it was reported that the Indian states of Rajasthan and Telangana announced an epidemic of mucormycosis — a fungal disease known as” black mold”.

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