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US Democratic Party on the brink of the political abyss

US Democratic Party on the brink of the political abyss

The “Times of Change” in which we live is terribly interesting. No one thought that the “light of democracy” — the United States, would shake so from this very democracy to a small tremor in the top officials from Wall Street. Bernie Sanders wins in the second state, where he holds his primaries Democratic Party. The reason why the Democratic Party does not want to see Bernie Sanders as its candidate for the presidency of the United States. Now she faces a difficult choice, which, in the future, can determine not only the fate of the party itself but also the US elites behind it.

Bernie Sanders expected won the primaries in New Hampshire, in 2016, here, he defeated Hillary Clinton with a 20% margin.

Speaking to supporters Bernie Sanders, he said that his victory in New Hampshire and Iowa suggests that he will be able to defeat Donald Trump. At these primaries, he defeated millionaires and candidates supported by millionaires (there was an article in Forbes that Pete Buttigic has the most exclusive donor billionaires compared to any other Democrat candidate). His victory was due to the fact that his team spoke on behalf of the working people. Sanders emphasized that medical care is a universal right, not a privilege. State colleges and institutions should be free. Unlike Trump, he knows that climate change is a reality, and we need to save our planet, Sanders explained. Bernie promised an end to a broken and racist judicial system, as well as immigration reform. Weapon's policies should be determined by the American people, not the American Rifle Association, said Sanders. His campaign is not so much against Trump, it is aimed at transforming the United States. It aims to bring Wall Street, insurance, pharmaceutical, oil companies and the entire military-industrial complex under control, Sanders summed up.

I want to draw your attention to the fact that a little earlier, Bernie stated: “We have an agenda that speaks about the needs of working families throughout this country, which in many cases feel that Washington has turned its back on them.” The rhetoric of Trump and Sanders is practically no different, both appeal to the ordinary people, oppose the Washington establishment and promise to change the United States fundamentally, this is what ordinary citizens want, especially young people who now have little to go to the USA (data for 2019).

Sanders' successes seemed to be expected, but the failure of Joe Biden turned out to be a big surprise for Democracy because they dragged him in the first place at the election polls. The leadership of the Democratic Party did not find a better option than to start “wetting” Bernie Sanders. In the phrase “like conspiring”, in this case, “like” too much, NBS News, CNN, and The Washington Post began to accuse Sanders' supporters of setting up hell on the Internet for their political opponents. NBS news directly compares supporters of Sanders and Trump in their aggressive behavior that harass “people with good faces.”

The Washington Post indicates that since the beginning of 2019, about 3,000 active Facebook communities supporting Sanders have created over 290 million interactions — likes or other user actions, according to Trevor Davis, a research professor at Livingston Institute. In comparison, about 350 communities dedicated to former vice president Joe Biden made just 9 million interactions. CNN estimates that on Facebook, among unofficial pages created by supporters of Democratic candidates, Sanders leads with 2.5 million followers and approximately 58 thousand posts created between November and January, which is more than all other Democratic candidates combined. They even counted how many memes and what political opponents, published by supporters of Bernie Sanders.

CNN-invited specialist Darren Linville said that while some fake accounts that he thinks Russian really supported Sanders on social media, his analysis suggests that the vast majority of Sanders’s online activities are genuine.

Of course, rhetoric directed against Sanders went on TV. A political presenter on the MSNBC channel said he remembers Bernie Sanders in the 50s and his attitude to socialism. He further said that if the Communists had won the Cold War and executed people in Central Park in New York, he would not have clearly disowned Sanders from them or not.

CNN, NBS News promotes the narrative that Bernie treats women terribly, uses sexist remarks, and remembers Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton’s past debates where he took a hard ride on her politics. In addition, Elizabeth Warren claimed that Sanders told her that the woman could not win the current Democratic Party nomination, although Sanders himself denied this fact. Some media outlets emphasize Sanders' age of 79 years and the fact that during the election race he suffered a heart attack and now publicly refuses to submit documents about his health.

 In fact, the Democratic Party with the hands of lured media began to saw a branch on which approximately 46% of its voters, supporters of the progressive wing, are sitting. The fact is that Bernie Sanders himself is only half the problem. The peculiarity of the situation is that in November re-elections to the US Congress and if the central American media continue to spread rot on Sanders, and the Democratic Party will be engaged in "correction of the results of the primaries", the progressive electorate will turn its back on Democratic candidates for Congress. Especially since the Democratic Party already has a good reputation, which consists in the fact that candidates for congressmen are selected based on how many financial donors they can attract, and not on political activity. And although some publications note what the cutting off of progressive candidates is in 2018. yielded results in the form of seizing the majority in the House of Representatives, however, since then, the situation has changed and the supporters of American socialism have greatly increased.

Centrists, who in general, with three of their applicants, gain 53%, are still very fragmented. Pete Buttigieg a young gay mayor, with no hardware experience and how he compared Joe Biden in his campaign videos - while he was negotiating with Iran, Buttigic hung lights on bridges. Although the United States has absorbed the virus of tolerance, Buttijic’s homosexuality sometimes becomes a negative factor. There were precedents that people tried to pick up their billboards for voting after learning that he was gay. Amy Klobuchar unexpectedly took 3rd place in New Hampshire, but no one really puts on her. Joe Biden goes into oblivion, although so far he has denied this fact. The thing is that donors are nervous, they want to know who to invest their money in.

Looking at Joe Biden, the leadership of the Democratic Party apparently, for itself, has already decided on a lot so that Bernie Sanders would not finally win. They took and simply changed the long-term, internal rules of the party, according to which in order to participate in public, party debates it was necessary to attract a certain number of supporters. Now billionaire Michael Bloomberg will participate in the debate along with the other candidates from the Democratic Party.

What they think in the leadership of the Democratic Party is little understood. Maybe they just decided to "cut the dough" on Michael Bloomberg, who promised to invest $ 2 billion in his company? Why on earth would people vote for a billionaire like Donald Trump, but from the side of the Democrats, I personally don’t understand, because he has his skeletons in the closet?

Bernie Sanders now leads the polls, before Super Tuesday, where the majority of candidates will vote. The terrible paradox of the situation was conveyed by the chairman of the board of directors and chief executive officer of Goldman Sachs Lloyd Blankfein, writing on a tweeter about which he had not recalled for several months:

If Democrats continue to nominate Sanders, the Russians will have to reconsider with whom to work to better spoil the United States. Sanders is as polarizing as Trump, he will destroy our economy and he does not care about our military. If I was Russian, then this time I would go with Sanders.

The Democratic Party has a choice - to support Bernie Sanders, who will obviously lose to Trump in the presidential election, but his electorate will help her keep the House of Representatives, and, ideally, she will snatch the Senate from the Republicans. Then, thanks to this, it will be possible to fully block Trump's initiatives. Or put everything on a ghostly candidate from the centrists, tear off a decent portion of progressive voters from the party, as was the case with Hillary Clinton, and thus increase the chance of losing everything. If the Democrats do not win the presidential race and lose the House of Representatives, then they will only have to engage in the undercover struggle in the offices and take people to the streets.

At this time, Trump will destroy their feed base at the legislative level, amid global changes in the financial system. As a result, some of the Democrats will lose not only their elite status but also their livelihood.

It is very interesting which way the Democratic Party will choose, whether it is smart enough not to fall into a political abyss.

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