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The President of Venezuela hid his luxurious life for 14 years

President Hugo Chavez ruled Venezuela for 14 years. During this time, the country has changed a lot. The leader promised to lead it to the triumph of socialism, but his ideas turned into a massive impoverishment of the population. Although the head of state himself carefully emphasized that he lives modestly, people around Chavez said that he and his family enjoy all the privileges they are entitled to.

While the people were starving, they traveled on a private liner, stayed in the best hotels in the world, and bought clothes of the most expensive brands.

“It's a shame to be rich. I have no wealth, but I have one bank account with a bonus that I was given in Libya, I think, 250 thousand dollars. I will give some of this money, “ Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez once said.

The politician kept his promise: he transferred the entire amount to the work of one of the educational forums. Chavez, who called on Venezuelans to be economical and modest, tried to prove to others that he, like them, shares socialist values. But the opposition was sure: the president lives “on everything ready”, and every year the expenses for the maintenance of the leader and his family only grow.

For example, they included spending on foreign travel and accommodation in the best hotels in the world, the maintenance of official residences, security, and much more.

He often took his children and grandchildren abroad with him. The head of state explained this as follows: he simply does not have enough time to communicate with relatives, and on business trips, he can devote 30-40 minutes of time to his relatives a day. At first, Chavez flew on a Boeing-737-the airliner was quite worn out, and the seats in it were hard. In 2002, the president bought a new aircraft, the choice fell on the Airbus 319-Corporate Jetliner.

Critics launched a campaign against the head of state, accusing him of extravagance. The new aircraft was indeed equipped with the latest technology. It had a bedroom, a bathroom with a spacious shower, a meeting room, and the latest communications, navigation, and defense equipment that matched the Air Force One of the American leaders.

Chavez lived in the Miraflores Palace. This luxurious building with spacious halls, furnished with expensive furniture, became the official residence of the presidents of Venezuela in 1900. At the same time, the head of state did not tire of demonstrating to the voters his closeness to the people.

He always stressed that he liked simple local dishes — especially arepa made from maize flour with a filling of white cheese, chicharron, chorizo sausages, or mortadella, served with strong Venezuelan coffee.

The opposition constantly accused the leader of populism. In November 2010, Chavez sheltered 25 families left homeless after heavy torrential rains in the mansion. They were placed in staff offices and premises designated for the security service. Chavez's supporters appreciated this concern.

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