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In the US, they warned about the threat of an eternal COVID pandemic

The American publication Project Syndicate has released a material claiming that the leading states are trying not to notice the unprecedented humanitarian disaster occurring in the countries of South Asia in connection with the spread of the coronavirus.

The author of the article recalls that almost a quarter of humanity lives in South Asia. The uncontrolled spread of SARS-CoV-2 in this region threatens the world with the prospect of an ongoing pandemic, the article says.

As a particular example of a humanitarian disaster, the author cites India. In this country, there was a shortage of firewood for funeral pyres. Because of this, thousands of decomposing bodies accumulate on the banks of the Ganges River. Hospitals are running out of oxygen, and huge queues are forming in front of emergency departments. In Nepal, one in two residents tested positive for COVID-19, while the supply line for vaccines and oxygen from India was closed.

The author suggests using all mechanisms to speed up the vaccination process in South Asia, since in no country in the region, except Bhutan, the total number of vaccinated does not exceed the bar of 10% of the population.

Helping South Asia is not just the right thing to do; it is also in our own best interests. Uncontrolled spread of the virus anywhere can lead to the emergence of even more deadly strains. If we can't truly protect people around the world by stopping the virus and slowing its mutation, we will face the prospect of an eternal pandemic, " the author concluded.

As previously reported, the Indian strain of coronavirus B. 1.617.2 is spreading in the UK. The kingdom is afraid that it will cause a third wave of the epidemic.

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