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Lady Gaga admitted that she became pregnant as a result of rape

She was 19 years old at the time. The rapist turned out to be a producer who kept the singer in the studio for several months.

Lady Gaga has admitted that she became pregnant as a result of rape. The singer was then 19, and she was just beginning her journey to fame and success. Gaga spoke about the incident in a documentary by Prince Harry and Oprah Winfrey, “Me You Don't See”, which was released on Apple TV+.

According to Gaga, she was raped by a producer, whose identity she did not disclose because she is afraid to meet him again. “He told me to take off my clothes,” the singer recalls. — I refused.” I wanted to leave, but he started threatening me. He said he would destroy all my music. The words left me rooted to the floor. I don't remember anything further.”

After the rape, the producer locked the singer in the studio, where she spent several months. All this time, he had been abusing her. This left a strong impression on Gaga and knocked her out of the rut. According to the singer, the mental pain felt like physical: to cope with it, Gaga needed medical help.

“I have been ill for many weeks. The pain I felt during my recovery was comparable to the pain I felt when that person dropped me off at my parent's house. I was pregnant, “ Gaga shared. — I'm still dealing with the aftermath of that incident. He left scars in my soul.”

Doctors diagnosed the singer with post-traumatic stress disorder, which was accompanied by depression and suicidal thoughts. The recovery process was lengthy and took several years. Gaga admitted that she felt the effects of a nervous breakdown even in 2019 when she reached the top of her career and won an Oscar.

“There have been many events in my career that have traumatized me. But I survived, and that didn't stop me. And when I looked at the award, I saw my pain. I take medication, see several doctors. That's how I manage. But I keep going no matter what,” says Gaga.

“I'm not talking about this because I'm looking for sympathy. And I don't want you to think, like, why the hell is she complaining about her life if she has fame, money, and influence. I'm telling you this so you know that mental health issues are normal. And that's what I still live with every single day.”

“I'm still constantly working on myself. I have bad days, and there are good ones, “ the singer admitted. — So if you're in pain, know that I know what it's like to suffer.” And I know what it's like not to let the pain ruin your life.”

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