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The US did not support the idea of concluding a treaty on combating pandemics

The United States believes it is necessary to first strengthen its foundation, said Vice President Kamala Harris

The US administration does not support the idea of signing an international treaty on combating pandemics at the current stage. This was announced by US Vice President Kamala Harris, speaking on Friday in a video conference at the Global Health Summit.

I know that some are eager to work towards a pandemic treaty. And while we understand the intent behind this, the United States believes that we first need to strengthen our foundation. Fortunately, we have the opportunity to come together to achieve just that. Today's summit and the Rome Declaration are favorable opportunities,“ said the deputy head of the Washington administration.

The initiative to sign such an agreement is put forward by the European Union. The head of the European Council, Charles Michel, proposed to conclude a “global agreement to combat pandemics”.

From Harris's point of view, the G-7 and G-20 formats, as well as a number of other international platforms, give the world community the opportunity to “work together” in the fight against pandemics. The United States is committed to such cooperation, the Vice President assured. “The fate of our economies, our security, and our world depends on what steps we take now. So let's get to work and work together, “ Harris said.

“A new era”

In her view, “ the world has entered a new era.” “The COVID-19 pandemic has clearly demonstrated that global health cannot be on the periphery of the work we do as a global community. It should be at the center of our work, “ the Vice President is convinced. She stated that “global health affects the global economy and global security”, as well as the ”collective future“ of humanity.

The international community should now actively prepare for potential new pandemics, the vice-president believes. In her view, gaps in the system for measuring pandemic preparedness and mechanisms for effectively implementing measures to address them and bringing perpetrators to justice should also be filled. “We now have a chance to change that before the next crisis comes,” Harris said.

According to her, the world community should now form a “new sustainable mechanism for financing health security “and take” decisive action in the field of surveillance.” “The United States called on the UN to appoint a coordinator for biological threats, which are accompanied by serious consequences,” Harris recalled. As she argued, “ the world needs a group of leaders who are willing to act without hesitation at the first warning.” “This way we will prevent the outbreak [of a particular disease] from becoming a disaster,” the vice president predicted.

In addition, Harris promised that the US will “continue to donate the surplus” of its stocks of the new coronavirus vaccine as they arise.

The summit, which is attended in person only by European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi, is being held at Rome's Villa Panfili. At its conclusion, it is planned to publish the Rome Declaration, which will contain the basic principles for combating the current pandemic and preventing the spread of diseases in the future.

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