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A new strain of coronavirus has been identified in Britain

A new strain of coronavirus has been discovered in English Yorkshire, said Greg Fell, head of the Sheffield Health Authority.

“We are monitoring the spread of the VUI-21MAY-01 strain and are carefully localizing the outbreak, as we have done in other cases. There is no evidence that this strain has a greater ability to be transmitted than previously found in Britain and other countries,” said Fell.

According to him, it is also currently unknown whether the vaccines used against it will be effective.

Greg Fell appealed to citizens not to panic and assured them that the current sanitary measures are sufficient to reduce the risk of infection.

“Please don't be alarmed. We want you to continue doing what you've been doing for the past year. Follow the recommendations, continue to wash your hands regularly, and wear masks indoors,” said the head of the Sheffield Health Authority.

He said that at the moment, 49 cases of infection with the new strain have been registered in the country. All of them were identified in Yorkshire and in the Humber region, which is located on the border with the east of Yorkshire.

In December last year, the UK authorities already announced the detection of the COVID-19 mutation in the country, which is more contagious than the usual coronavirus. New strains have also been reported in South Africa, Japan, and Brazil.

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