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Prince Harry blamed the royal family for Meghan's mental illness

Prince Harry is working on a documentary that reveals the secrets of the royal family and personal life. He made a loud statement that Markle could have committed suicide at Buckingham Palace.

“It was only guilt that kept her from hurting me,” says the Duke of Sussex.

In the documentary "The Me You Don't See,” Prince Harry throws a new bombshell at the royal family. He says that members of the royal dynasty turned a blind eye to the psychological problems of his wife Meghan Markle. She was so ill that she had suicidal thoughts. The former actress did not say goodbye to life, because she realized that this is not the way out. She was also afraid of hurting Harry. He lost his mother, Princess Diana. Markle didn't want him to lose another woman he loved.

Earlier, Prince Harry, along with his brother William, criticized a BBC journalist for a scandalous interview with Princess Diana.

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