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Hamas declares defeat of Israel

Osama Hamdan, responsible for international affairs in the Palestinian movement Hamas, said that by announcing a unilateral cease-fire, Israel recognized defeat in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. This is reported by the Al-Aqsa TV channel.

“Declaring a unilateral ceasefire is a declaration of defeat, and the resistance is still capable of fighting with all its forces," Hamdan said.

Earlier, the Israeli government approved Egypt's proposal for a bilateral ceasefire in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. A Hamas official confirmed a mutual cease-fire with Israel from 02: 00 GMT.

Before that, the Times of Israel newspaper reported that Israel approved the decision on a unilateral cease-fire in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

On the evening of May 11, the largest escalation in recent years began on the borders of the Palestinian enclave. The Israeli army and Palestinian groups in the Gaza Strip have not stopped exchanging rocket fire, which followed riots at the Al-Aqsa Mosque in East Jerusalem after an Israeli court decision to seize homes in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood from Arab families.

According to the Palestinian authorities, the number of victims exceeded 100 people. In Israel, 11 people were reported dead, including one soldier. The number of victims in Israel is estimated at more than 500 people.

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