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In Japan, pensioners mistakenly received $1,500 from the USA

The US Internal Revenue Service mistakenly sent thousands of pensioners in Japan checks for almost one and a half thousand dollars, according to the Financial Times.

As a result, the banks in Tokyo formed a crowd of customers who tried to withdraw money.

According to the 75-year-old Japanese pensioner, he felt grateful to the United States and added that “America is amazing.” He managed to cash the check, but the bank told the man that in order to receive the money, he would have to confirm the right to them.

According to the publication, the distribution of checks was carried out as part of the assistance to the US economy and Americans. However, by mistake, the lists included Japanese people who previously worked in the United States and now are entitled to a small pension from this country. The US Internal Revenue Service said that the Japanese should send the checks back.

In April, US President Joe Biden signed a $1.9 trillion ”rescue plan“ for the US economy.

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