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Israel is going to reach military targets in Gaza in three days

Israel plans to achieve the military objectives set as part of the operation in the Gaza Strip within one to three days, after which it will be ready to negotiate a truce with the Palestinian factions. This was reported by the publication Axios, citing unnamed Israeli officials.

According to the publication, in recent days, Egyptian intelligence officers and the UN special coordinator for the Middle East peace process, Tor Vennesland, held talks with representatives of the radical Hamas movement and the head of the Israeli National Security Council, Meir Ben-Shabbat, to conclude a truce between the parties. Ben-Shabbat has listened to the proposals of the mediators but has not yet received a mandate from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to hold substantive talks.

The publication reports that the Israeli government is expected to change its policy on the issue of a truce with Palestine on May 20 and begin negotiations on a cease-fire.

On May 19, Reuters reported, citing a source in Egypt, which mediates between Israel and Palestine, that the parties to the conflict agreed in principle to a truce, but the details of the agreement are still being discussed. The deputy head of the Hamas political bureau, Musa Abu Marzouk, said that an agreement on a truce with Israel could be reached in the near future — within a few hours or two days. The representative of the movement also called the conditions for a truce: both sides must ceasefire at the same time.

The escalation of the conflict between Palestine and Israel began with clashes in East Jerusalem. Then, on May 10, the Palestinian groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad, based in the Gaza Strip, began a massive attack on Israel — in total, more than three thousand rockets were fired at the territory of the country. In response, the Israeli army has called up five thousand reservists and is conducting airstrikes on targets in the Gaza Strip. The clashes are still going on. According to the latest data, since the beginning of the escalation of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, 10 Israelis and 220 residents of the Gaza Strip have been killed.

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