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“For the whole world”: Erdogan is preparing to make a loud statement

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan intends to make a statement to the whole world during his visit to the self-proclaimed Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC). He said this on Wednesday during a meeting with representatives of Turkish youth, broadcast by the TRT TV channel.

“I expect to pay a visit to the TRNC on July 20. During it, I will voice a message that will concern not only the island but also the whole world. If you do not show determination, then no one will take you seriously, “ he stressed, without specifying the topic of the upcoming speech.

Meanwhile, Erdogan added that “good news is coming from the Eastern Mediterranean.”

“Don't be surprised if we give you news about oil and natural gas,” he said.

July 20 in the TRNC will mark the 47th anniversary of the invasion of Cyprus in 1974 by Turkish troops. If in the Greek south of the island, July 20 is a day of national mourning, then in the Turkish north of Cyprus, the main national holiday is celebrated on this day, called the “Day of Peace and Freedom”.

This is also the day of the main military parade, which is traditionally attended by representatives of the top leadership of Turkey. So, last year, Ankara was represented at these celebrations by the country's vice-president Fuat Oktay.

Cyprus has been divided along ethnic lines since Turkey's armed invasion in 1974, triggered by a coup d'etat by supporters of the island's annexation to Greece. As a result of the military actions, approximately 37% of the territory on which the TRNC was formed in 1983, recognized in the world community only by Ankara, was under Turkish control. The southern part of the island remained under the control of the Republic of Cyprus, populated mainly by Greek Cypriots.

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