Espionage of the Century — The USA and Germany have been monitoring more than 120 countries

Espionage of the Century — The USA and Germany have been monitoring more than 120 countries

A contented resonant investigation was conducted by the American publication The Washington Post and one of the key German television channels ZDF. From materials, it became known that the United States and Germany for over half a century spied on more than 120 countries with the participation of the Swiss company Crypto AG.

It was the brainchild of Switzerland that until the beginning of the 21st century was considered the leader in the cryptographic technology market since many countries bought equipment from this company. In particular, the acquisition was carried out by the Latin American military, India, Pakistan, the Vatican, and many others.

It is worth noting that China and the USSR do not appear on this list since these countries had their own encryption technology. At least in the Soviet Union, she appeared in the 30s, which allowed her to protect herself from years of surveillance.

Despite the fact that Crypto AG is a Swiss company, it was owned by the CIA and German intelligence, starting in 1970. In the 90s, Germany sold its share to the Americans, and the CIA got rid of assets only in 2018.

Until the 21st century, when countries began developing their own encryption products, Crypto AG brought the CIA millions of dollars. Obviously, this is the intellectual success of the century, because foreign governments paid huge amounts to the United States and Germany, in fact for the fact that their secret data quietly fell into the hands of at least two countries.

True, over the years, only the methods of espionage have changed in the US strategy, but the general rhetoric has remained the same. Now you do not need to own a company that produces encryption equipment, but rather keep large American social networks under the hood, ready to provide any illegally obtained information upon request.

So far, no widespread reaction has been received, but it is likely that at least some countries on such an extensive list will express a note of protest to fans of spy games.

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