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Gay, mayor, war veteran: Trump has a serious rival in the USA

In recent days, Pete Buttigic’s popularity has skyrocketed

Gay, mayor, war veteran: Trump has a serious rival in the USA

The US is gradually approaching the 2020 presidential election. In Iowa, for example, there were caucuses, and in New Hampshire, there were primaries, which are traditionally considered one of the key points of the growing campaign. What surprises the primaries brought and what the sensations of New Hampshire mean for future elections?

At the Republican Party caucuses in Iowa, Donald Trump confidently defeated, receiving 98% of the vote. In fact, everyone in the US has already recognized that the Republican candidate’s question is closed. But the Democratic Party brought a number of surprises.

The winner of the primaries was Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, who received 25.9% of the vote. But the second place was confidently taken by Pete Buttigic with 24.4% of the vote. Minnesota US Senator Amy Klobuchar (19.8%) finished third, Elizabeth Warren (9.3%) came fourth. Joseph Biden, receiving only 8.4% of support, was fifth.

So far, Buttijic is only fifth in nationwide polls. With one “but”: in full accordance with the axiom that people follow the winner, Buttijic’s popularity has skyrocketed in recent days, while the ratings of Iowa and New Hampshire's losers — Biden and Warren — are plummeting.

Pete Buttigieg is a rather unusual politician for the American traditional society. He is 38, which is already unusual for such an impressive political career. Harvard graduate, a lawyer by education. U.S. Navy intelligence officer, a war hero in Afghanistan. The youngest mayor of an American city with a population of over 100 thousand (he headed the city hall at 29). An openly gay man, officially married to high school teacher Chastene Gluzman. The active fighter with racial discrimination and other prejudices. He advocates the rejuvenation of the Democratic Party and American politics as a whole.

Among the supporters of Buttigic in the United States, people with higher education prevail, for a long time opponents among the democrats tried to affix the label “indisputable” to him. But, apparently, neither the lack of serious party experience nor his youth prevent him from defeating almost 80-year-old Biden and Sanders, 70-year-old Warren and 60-year-old Klobuchar. Or maybe even help.

Among the advantages of Buttigic is his youth, honesty, integrity, moderation. To some extent, Buttigic is the exact opposite of Trump. He openly declared his orientation, made it clear that he did not want to play by the old rules, and this could attract his side of many. But, on the other hand, Trump, who won the last election on the slogans to protect the traditional foundations, will certainly be beaten by the fact that his opponent is gay.

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