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Kim Jong-un was afraid of the overthrow of the regime and banned skinny jeans

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un fears that the display of self-expression and individualism in appearance among the youth of North Korea may eventually lead to the overthrow of the established regime in the country. In this regard, the head of state has taken a number of measures, the Daily Mirror reports.

In particular, Kim Jong-un outlawed skinny jeans and ripped jeans. Extravagant “anti-socialist” hairstyles will now also be seen as signs of a threat to the social order. To choose from, residents of the DPRK were presented with a limited list of permitted haircuts.

The publication notes that the North Korean leader fears the “decadent” Western influence on the country's youth, which allegedly could lead to the collapse of his regime.

According to the newspaper, Kim Jong-un is increasingly worried about the possible overthrow of the regime. In this regard, he previously issued a decree that people who follow extravagant fashion should be sent to labor camps.

Earlier, the state-run daily Nodong Sinmun, the central press organ of the North Korean Workers Party, called for support for the measures imposed by Kim Jong-un. The newspaper's journalists warned that the capitalist way of life could destroy the country.

“History teaches us an important lesson that a country can become vulnerable and eventually collapse like a wet wall, regardless of its economic and defense power, if we don't stick to our own way of life,” the Daily Mirror quoted the North Korean newspaper as saying. — We should be wary of even the slightest signs of a capitalist lifestyle and do everything possible to get rid of them.”

Earlier, North Korea accused the South Korean music industry of slave exploitation of artists.

A North Korean Internet portal has claimed that K-pop artists, including members of popular bands BTS and Blackpink, are allegedly forced into submission and harsh labor through unfair contracts from an early age. CNN suggests that this material is an attempt by propagandists to counteract the influence of foreign media.

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