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Scottish student caught up in sex scandal | University of Abertay

A student from Scotland, Lisa Keogh, questioned the legality of the participation of transgender people in women's competitions and got into a scandal.

Classmates complained about her to the management of the University of Abertay and now the woman faces disciplinary action, writes the Daily Mail.

Lisa is 29 years old, a mother of two children, and is studying law in her final year. During a video seminar on gender feminism, Kio expressed concern about the participation of trans women in mixed martial arts.

She said that a woman who has testosterone in her body for 32 years will be genetically stronger than the average woman.

— Women have different anatomy, women are not as physically strong as men. There is a vagina-congratulations, you are a woman! No vagina-sorry, “ Lisa said.

After the debate, the student received a barrage of insults from her classmates. She was accused of sexism, and the statements were considered “offensive” and “ discriminatory.

Against the background of complaints against the Cio, the management of the educational institution began disciplinary proceedings.

— I thought it was a joke.” I thought that the university would not prosecute me for using my legal right to free speech, “ Lisa stressed.

According to the student, she did not intend to offend anyone, but only “stated her sincere views.”

— I wasn't mean, transphobic, or abusive. I was stating a basic biological fact, “ Kio added.

Earlier it was reported that the transgender weightlifter Laurel Hubbard claims the Tokyo 2020 medal. Before the sex change, she was a man for 35 years.

The transgender athlete has several medals in her arsenal, but her rivals associate the victories with the male body, which has practically not changed after the operation.

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