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Harris earned three times as much as Biden

In the United States, the deadline for filing federal tax returns for 2020 has come on May 17. It was previously extended for a month due to the coronavirus pandemic.

According to the declarations, US President Joe Biden and his wife Jill earned a little more than 607 thousand dollars over the past year. They paid more than 157 thousand federal income taxes and sent 30.7 thousand dollars to charity.

The president and first lady also paid nearly $29,000 in taxes to the state of Delaware.

Vice President Kamala Harris and her husband earned almost $1.7 million last year, paying $621,000 in federal income tax, $125,000 in California income tax, and $57,000 in the District of Columbia. They also donated $27,000 to charity.

It is worth noting that for most of 2020, Biden was a former vice president and presidential candidate, while Harris worked as a senator before being elected vice president.

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