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Vaccination in EU: where are those who want it?

It was only after a few months that the coronavirus vaccination campaign in Europe picked up the right pace - and all because of a shortage of vaccines. Now there is a new problem: some segments of the population are difficult to convince of the need to get vaccinated. Reviewers talk about the reasons.

Without transparency, there is no vaccine readiness

The newspaper Nepszava sees a direct relationship between the willingness to vaccinate and trust in the authorities:

"When you agree to be vaccinated with a vaccine that was developed recently, to be vaccinated against a disease that was previously unknown, then the most important factor in making a decision is trust... What is necessary for trust? Integrity in communication, transparency - and respect for scientific data. What of all of the above have we seen in Hungary over the past 16 months?"

Reach out directly to the most vulnerable

In Sweden, vaccination centers located in the poorest neighborhoods are often empty. The Aftonbladet newspaper calls on health authorities to try to reach people with the simplest letter:

"You need a letter in the mailbox with an invitation to get vaccinated-indicating the date and time of the next injection. You need contacts of adequate medical professionals, with whom you can talk if you are undecided, as well as events that really give something. When politicians talk about why vaccination is not going well, they wrinkle their foreheads and cite many reasons. And only a few come up with the simplest explanation: in poor areas of Stockholm, not only did testing start later than elsewhere. Residents of affluent areas of the city were also the first to be vaccinated against covid."

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