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New coronavirus symptom detected in India

Doctors from the city of Bangalore, located in the Indian state of Karnataka, announced the discovery of a new symptom of coronavirus infection. This is written by The Sun.

Indian experts have expressed the opinion that the list of symptoms can include severe dry mouth. They urged paying attention to irritation and itching, as well as pain in the area of the tongue. In rare cases, they say, patients may have ulcers in their mouths.

Speaking to Outlook, Dr. Sattur described a 55-year-old patient who complained of severe dry mouth and conjunctivitis. According to him, the patient complained of fatigue, although he did not have a fever. Later, the man was diagnosed with a coronavirus infection.

The doctor stressed that if you show severe fatigue in tandem with any symptoms associated with the oral cavity, a person should take a test for COVID-19. At the same time, Sattur noticed that the patient may be a carrier of one of the coronavirus strains, and different subspecies of infection cause different symptoms.

So far, the classic symptoms of COVID-19 have included coughing, loss of sense of smell and taste, and high fever. At the same time, some infected people also complain of fatigue, headache, and diarrhea. The Sun points out that a similar symptom, called "Covid tongue”, was previously detected in the UK.

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There's an air of mistrust regarding severe under-reporting of Covid-19 related infections and deaths in India.
Currently the doctor to patient ratio in India is around1:1450. If we go by that number, should we assume that the covid-19 related deaths are 1450x50? i.e. 72,500+ in a single day!!!
Scary, but seems plausible for a developing country with pop. of 1.4 bn. The million dollar question is what will take the Govt. to owns this up!

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