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A train carrying chemicals crashed in the U.S.

About thirty railway cars with dangerous goods derailed and piled up along them.

In the United States, early on Sunday morning near the city of Sibley, a freight train with dangerous chemicals crashed. Cars caught fire, residents of the surrounding area had to be evacuated. On Sunday, May 16, writes The Associated Press.

It is reported that the incident occurred on the south-western outskirts of the city of Sibley, where about 3 thousand people live.

“About 30 railway cars got off the flights and piled up along the flights. The train was carrying fertilizer and ammonium nitrate. With a strong ignition, this substance can lead to an explosion,” the newspaper writes.

As a result of the train accident, thick black smoke rose into the air. Given the strong wind, there was a threat of fire spreading to the nearest territories. Local authorities decided to evacuate part of the population within 8 km from the crash.

Recall that in Egypt, when a passenger train crashed, 11 people were killed, 98 passengers were injured. The train was heading from Cairo to the city of Mansoura when the cars derailed.

It was also reported that five people were killed in an accident involving a train in India. In the state of Uttar Pradesh, a passenger train collided with a truck and a bicycle stopped on the tracks.

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