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Will need to be vaccinated again. In Germany, they gave a disappointing forecast

Due to coronavirus mutations, the effect of the vaccine may weaken and additional vaccinations will be required

In Germany, experts of the Standing Committee on Vaccination consider it highly likely that residents of the country will have to be re-vaccinated against coronavirus at the latest in 2022.

This was stated by the chairman of the commission Thomas Mertens, reports DW.

“The virus will not leave us. Therefore, the current coronavirus vaccinations will not be the last. We must be prepared for the fact that next year, perhaps, we will all have to refresh the vaccination, “ he said.

In turn, the expert of the Social Democratic Party of Germany on health issues, former epidemiologist Karl Lauterbach said that some residents of Germany will have to undergo repeated vaccination in the fall.

Such a step will have to be taken if the country begins to spread variants of the coronavirus, against which the available vaccines will be ineffective.

Earlier it was reported that in Germany, more than a million people were vaccinated per day.

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