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Social network Campaign Nucleus blocked Donald Trump's new blog for an hour

This happened after Trump published a post about fraud in the presidential election in Arizona

On Saturday, May 15, the social network Campaign Nucleus blocked the new blog of former US President Donald Trump for an hour.

This is reported by Insider.

When users visited the page, they saw an error message. It said that “something went wrong and this URL cannot be processed at this time.”

According to the American fake news website Gateway Pundit, Trump posted a message about the ongoing recount in Maricopa County, Arizona. After that, his blog was shut down for an hour.

The Gateway Pundit said that Trump's message included unverified claims of electoral fraud in Arizona, allegedly "seals were broken on boxes that store votes, ballots were missing.”

Note that earlier Trump was removed from Twitter and Facebook. He launched a new blog in early May to communicate directly with his supporters.

Earlier, we reported that former US President Donald Trump is in talks with several social media developers about possible cooperation.

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