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In Paris, water cannons were used to disperse the demonstration

Paris police dispersed a pro-Palestinian demonstration with water cannons. Several dozen people took part in the demonstration.

The police arrived at the scene of the action before it began. More than four thousand police officers are now monitoring the order in the city.

“Our strategy is quite clear — the immediate suppression of the demonstration,” said Paris police prefect Didier Laman.

A day earlier, French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin banned the rally. He recalled the anti-Israel demonstrations that led to unrest in 2014.

The decision to ban the rally was supported by the Administrative Court of Paris and the deputy of the French parliament, the leader of the movement “National Union” Marine Le Pen.

Similar demonstrations were held in Marseille, Strasbourg, and Lyon, but the authorities did not consider them illegal.

The deterioration of relations between Palestine and Israel began against the background of clashes between Palestinians and Israelis on Jerusalem Day. The date commemorates the expansion of Israeli control over the eastern part of the city as a result of the 1967 Six-Day War. Israel considers Jerusalem its one and indivisible capital. Palestine, on the contrary, calls East Jerusalem ("Al-Quds") occupied territory-this is supported by UN Security Council resolutions.

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