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Who benefits from the aggravation of the situation in the Middle East?

The Israeli army has stepped up its attacks on the Gaza Strip. Aircraft and ground troops are involved, but so far Israeli soldiers have not entered the territory of the Gaza Strip. These Israeli measures were in response to the rocket attacks on Israeli cities carried out by Hamas. On Thursday, another rocket was fired in the direction of Israel. European media speculate on who benefits from the current escalation.

Netanyahu's sabotage

Netanyahu deliberately escalated the conflict,“ writes Ksenia Turki, a columnist for the Phileleftheros newspaper:

“The escalation could have been avoided by heeding timely warnings from the army, intelligence services, and police, who stressed that the situation could easily get out of control. Many in Israel argue that Netanyahu did not do anything because he benefits from the current situation. ... On the one hand, he appears as a kind of brave defender of Jewry — and thereby strengthens his nationalist electoral base. On the other hand, the efforts of the [opposition] to form a government is being undermined, because now it will be very difficult for the Arab RAAM party, whose votes are needed to form a coalition, to reach out to other political parties in the country.”

Old problems breed new violence!

The Guardian writes that the conflict in the Middle East has been driven by the same motives for decades:

“In the Gaza Strip, this small strip of land with a high population density but a lack of work, electricity, and drinking water, a whole 'generation of blockade' has grown up. The coronavirus and the blatant injustice of the vaccination campaign in Israel and the occupied territories have only deepened the bitterness against the government, which controls but does not offer protection. The riots that could be seen in Arab cities in Israel on Monday demonstrated the breadth and depth of anger that can accumulate as a result of the injustice of various kinds. The injustice that Human Rights Watch recently accused the Israeli authorities of apartheid.”

The Long Arm of Tehran

In view of the resumption of negotiations on the Iranian nuclear program, the most interested party in the conflict — the hawks from the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps-comes to this conclusion Corriere Della Sera:

“These negotiations are unlikely to go far if Hamas, which is closely linked to the Iranian conservatives, continues to bomb Israeli cities. ... A further escalation would be enough to prevent the White House from renewing its agreements with Tehran. Thus, the conservatives and the IRGC leading them would have paved the way to victory in the elections on June 18.”

Hamas strategy harms Palestinians

Haberturk columnist Nagehan Alchyn criticizes the Hamas strategy in her column:

“For what purpose does Hamas always resort to rocket attacks, even though it is quite obvious that Israel is a death machine? I don't care what others think, but I believe that these attacks benefit only Israel, and cause great harm to the Palestinians. Israel has cited these attacks year after year as an argument to justify its use of violence. In the end, small children suffer, innocent civilians, suffer — the entire Palestinian people suffer."

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