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In the USA, they called a way to force Russia to join the West

Former National Security Adviser John Bolton has found a way for Washington to “ force Moscow to join the West.” He wrote about this in his column in the National Review.

According to Bolton, the United States should fight back against Russia in the countries of the former USSR, including Abkhazia and South Ossetia. The politician believes that by doing so, Washington will be able to “win” and regain its influence on the “gray zone” that emerged after the collapse of the USSR and the Warsaw Pact. Victory will be achieved after the completion of NATO's expansion in these countries.

“As long as this grey area remains between NATO and Russia, instability will continue. The reduction of such a dangerous geographical space [subordinated to Moscow] reduces the likelihood of new pranks by Russia. In the end, this will again put Moscow before the question: whether it will join the West, or continue to oppose it, “ Bolton writes.

He is confident that this will allow us to recreate the situation that existed before April 2008. According to the politician, then the membership of Ukraine and Georgia in NATO was considered seriously.

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