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The Israeli flag was raised over the office of the Austrian Chancellor

On the roof of the federal office of the Austrian Chancellor, the Israeli flag was raised in solidarity. Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz wrote about this on Twitter.

On the roof of the department, three flags are now raised — Austria, the European Union, and Israel.

“Today, the Israeli flag was raised on the roof of the federal office of the Chancellor in solidarity with Israel. The terrorist attacks on Israel deserve the strongest condemnation. Together, we are on the side of Israel, “ Kurz wrote.

Earlier, Kurz condemned the rocket attacks on Israel from the Gaza Strip. In his opinion, Israel has the right to defend itself, and he called shelling “a crime against the people of Israel.” He also expressed hope for an early de-escalation in the region.

Since May 10, the Israeli army and the Palestinian radicals in the Gaza Strip have not stopped exchanging rocket attacks. According to Israel, during this time, more than 1.6 thousand rockets were fired at its territory. It is reported that during the escalation between Palestine and Israel in the Palestinian territories, 349 people were injured.

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