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“Biden is too weak”: the name of the” shadow president “ of the United States is called

Former acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell has called Joe Biden's domestic policy adviser Susan Rice the “shadow president” of the United States. This is reported by Fox News.

According to Greenell, the “mess” in US foreign policy is due to the” mess “ in domestic policy.

“Biden is too weak to stop the left from gaining control. Vice President Kamala Harris doesn't understand what's going on... Meanwhile, we have a shadow president, Susan Rice, who no one pays attention to, “ he said.

Susan Rice is 56 years old. In the Obama administration, Rice served as National Security Adviser. During the second presidential term, Obama was considered for the post of US Secretary of State to replace Hillary Clinton, but her candidacy did not pass in Congress. French journalist Vincent Jover called Rice “a theorist of the new moral leadership of the United States.”

The American newspaper Washington Post in 2011 wrote that the trio of women advisers in the person of Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, and Samantha Power bears the main responsibility for the fact that, contrary to the recommendations of Defense Secretary Robert Gates, she convinced President Obama of the feasibility of bombing Libya.

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