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The US has accelerated the removal of Pentagon employees from Israel

The United States was forced to speed up the planned removal of 120 Pentagon personnel from Israel. This was stated on Thursday by the press secretary of the US Defense Department, John Kirby.

“120 Pentagon employees arrived in Germany today from Israel. We made the decision to remove these people in coordination with our Israeli colleagues,” he said. Kirby stressed that the dispatch of Americans to the Ramstein military base was scheduled for the end of this week, “but we have accelerated it.” “There are no other plans or efforts to remove any more Americans from Israel right now,” the Pentagon spokesman said.

Kirby also reiterated that the United States condemns the rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip on Israel and supports the right of the Jewish state to self-defense.

Since May 10, the Israeli army and Palestinian groups in the Gaza Strip have not stopped exchanging rocket fire.

They followed the riots that broke out in early May at the Al-Aqsa Mosque in East Jerusalem, which were triggered by an Israeli court decision to seize homes in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood from Arab families living there.

According to Israel, six Israelis were killed in the shelling. According to the Ministry of Health of the coastal enclave, the number of victims among Palestinians has already reached 103, among them 27 children and 11 women, about 600 people were injured.

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