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Sweden has declared its readiness to create problems for Russia

The commanders of the Swedish armed forces declared the ability of the country's army to create problems for Russia. They told Dagens Nyheter about this.

“We have the opportunity to create a military problem even for such a large enemy as Russia,” said the commander—in—chief of the Swedish Air Force, Karl-Johan Edstrom.

The commander of the land forces of the country, Karl Engelbrektson, in turn, noted that the Swedish army needs to be ready for action in strategic areas and take part in joint exercises with Finland. In his opinion, the very presence of Swedish forces on the island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea can create problems for a potential enemy.

In addition, the head of the Swedish Naval Forces, Skug Haslum, stressed that Stockholm “under no circumstances” can remain aloof from a potential conflict between the North Atlantic Alliance and Russia.

Earlier, Swedish Defense Minister Peter Hultqvist said that the return of Russian army units to their permanent locations after conducting a combat readiness check is allegedly a “smokescreen”.

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