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In CIA is ready to accept people with mental disabilities | Scandal

In the United States, a scandal broke out over a video posted on social networks by the Central Intelligence Agency. It was continued after the criticism of such advertising by ex-CIA Director Michael Pompeo.

Pompeo believes that the United States cannot risk national security just to meet the agenda of American liberals.

"When I was director of the CIA, we judged people by their talents and skills, not by their race or orientation," says a retired American senior official.

With this statement, he commented on the scandalous video that the CIA published on April 28. In the video, an analyst of an American intelligence agency named Mia told about herself.

"I'm a woman of color. I'm a mom. I am a cisgender millennial who has been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder, " she says.

Mia goes on to say that she struggled with "impostor syndrome." When I reached the age of 36, she says, "I refused to accept the erroneous patriarchal idea of who a woman can or should be" and "I was tired of feeling like I had to apologize for the place I held."

In the lengthy video, Mia encourages her viewers to be themselves and not be afraid of their self-identity, inviting them to work for the CIA. Thus, the Central Intelligence Agency tried to "keep up with the fashion" by hiring people with disabilities to meet the inclusion quota. However, this initiative "did not work", meeting serious objections from experts.

One can only imagine what kind of analytics people with generalized anxiety disorders can present to Langley's management.

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