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Biden and Putin meeting: the final “Yes” was accompanied by a scandal

The meeting between Biden and Putin is a settled issue. This was made clear by the US President, speaking at the White House. This statement with its final “yes” was accompanied by a loud scandal.

Joe Biden gave a speech on the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the economy. At the end of the event, one of the journalists asked whether the US president considers Russia to be involved in the cyberattack on the Colonial Pipeline. The response of the head of the White House contained the final "yes" about the meeting with a colleague from the Kremlin.

“I will meet with President Putin. So far, there is no evidence from our intelligence officials that Russia was involved in this, although there is evidence that the actors in the ransomware programs are in Russia, " Joe Biden said.

According to the US president, Russia “has some responsibility” to sort out the situation.

“Russia has nothing to do with this (Colonial Pipeline cyberattack),” the press secretary of the President of Russia, Dmitry Peskov, commented.

The United States “refuses to cooperate” with Russia in the fight against cybercrime.

Earlier it became known that hackers managed to get about 100 GB of secret data. In addition, a virus has entered the Colonial Pipeline system, which does not allow it to function. The victim of the cyberattack must pay a certain amount to the extortionists, but before that, all data in the system will be encrypted. The company has suspended operations due to these difficulties. The management of the organization engaged in the transportation of petroleum products, announced the beginning of work to restore normal operations.

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