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Italian woman mistakenly received six doses of coronavirus vaccine at once

A 23 — year-old psychology student who mistakenly received six doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccine complains of headaches, fatigue, and pain in her arm. According to the Corriere Della Sera newspaper on Monday, she is not going to file a lawsuit against the nurse.

According to the story of the young woman, she came to get vaccinated at the hospital in the city of Massa Carrara on Sunday morning. The medical staff immediately noticed the error, and the woman was told about what had happened.

“I was very scared because there is no literature describing such cases,” she shared, complaining of pain.

At the moment, she is at home, in the hospital she was kept for 24 hours under observation.

This drug is delivered in ampoules designed for six doses. The Italian woman was given an entire ampoule. An overdose is considered by the manufacturer in the amount of four doses. Some doctors believe that the excess of the drug can lead to the absence of the desired effect. In Italy, coronavirus vaccinations are given to older people. From May 10, the entry is open for people aged 50 and older. The student received the vaccine because she is undergoing an internship in the hospital, and all doctors are prescribed mandatory vaccination.

The authorities of the Lazio metropolitan area reported that the Pfizer registration for May ended due to a shortage of the drug. In addition, it was decided to increase the pause between doses from three to five weeks.

According to the Ministry of Health of the Republic, at the moment almost 7.5 million people (12.5% of the population) have completed the vaccination cycle. A total of 24 million injections were made.

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