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Biden said that Russia was not involved in the attack on the fuel pipeline

President of the United States Joe Biden said that he is ready to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin and, citing intelligence data, denied Russia's participation in the cyberattack on the fuel pipeline of the Colonial Pipeline company.

“I will meet with President Putin. So far, there is no evidence from our intelligence that Russia was involved in this, although there is evidence that the actors in the ransomware programs are in Russia. They [Russia] have some responsibility for what we are dealing with, “ Biden said.

Earlier, the FBI said that a group from Eastern Europe was behind the attack on the US fuel company. The FBI clarifies that the organization, known as DarkSide, is a relatively new hacker group, probably based in Eastern Europe, possibly in Russia.

“The FBI confirms that the DarkSide ransomware program is responsible for compromising the Colonial Pipeline networks. We continue to work with the company and our government partners on the investigation, “ an FBI spokesperson said.

The Colonial Pipeline is the largest oil pipeline in the United States, delivering fuel from factories on the Gulf Coast to the East Coast of the country. Every day, the pipeline transports about 45% of the fuel consumed on the East Coast.

Earlier, the White House revealed its official position on the situation with the cyber attack on the Colonial Pipeline.

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