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The French military has written a new letter warning of civil war

A group of active French military personnel has come out in support of an open letter written by retired generals to the authorities of the republic warning of civil war. The new epistle and its preface are published in the weekly Valeurs actually.

Its authors, who are not named, condemn the French authorities, who criticized the first appeal of retired generals who warned of the risk of civil war in the country because of the threat posed by Islamists and gangs from the suburbs.

“They were treated like rebels when their only sin was the love of their country,” the text says.

The military notes an increase in violence in the country's towns and villages and points out that “hatred of France and its history is becoming the norm.” In their opinion, the country “is already smoldering civil war.”

“Act<...>. We are talking about the survival of our country and your country,” they urge the authorities.

The first letter from retired French generals, in which they warned that France was on the verge of a civil war with “hordes of Islamists,” was published in April. It says that the Islamists seize entire areas of France and establish their own rules there, contrary to the country's constitution.

Inaction can lead to a social explosion and civil war, which can result in thousands of victims, according to the generals. After the brutal murder of a police officer by a Tunisian, thousands of soldiers, including active ones, signed the letter.

The government of French President Emmanuel Macron condemned the letter of the generals, comparing it to the failed coup of the French military in Algeria in 1961, caused by the decision of the then French leader Charles de Gaulle to grant the African country independence. The chief of the general staff of the French armed forces, General Francois Lecointre, said that the authors of the letter are awaiting disciplinary review.

The command is considering an option with more severe punishment for senior officers and a less severe one for junior officers. Retired generals who signed the letter will be punished by deprivation of military rank.

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