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Russian hackers suspected of creating an emergency in the USA

After a cyberattack on the largest US pipeline company, the Colonial Pipeline, the US authorities declared a regional emergency. The media claim that the hackers may be connected to Russia.

According to the US Department of Transportation, the emergency occurred “as a result of an unexpected shutdown of the Colonial pipeline system due to network problems, which affects the supply of gasoline, diesel, aviation fuel, and other refined products throughout the affected states,” which include New York, Virginia, Florida, Arkansas, Texas, Mississippi and a number of others.

On Sunday, Colonial Pipelines reported that the main fuel transportation lines were disconnected, but several smaller ones began to work. The New York Times writes that it may take several days to restore the Colonial Pipelines systems.

CNN, citing sources from among the former employees of the US administration who worked in the field of cybersecurity, claims that the hackers may be connected to Russia.

The attack is suspected of a group of hackers DarkSide allegedly from Russia. According to the source, these hackers usually carry out attacks against non-Russian-speaking countries. Also, that the attack was allegedly committed by a Russian criminal hacker group, sources told NBC News. According to them, the attack was not carried out by the state, it was carried out by hackers as part of a “criminal scheme”.

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