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China's 5G development threatens the world — US Attorney General made a loud statement

Barr Sure Chinese Technology Endangers Industry Worldwide

China's 5G development threatens the world — US Attorney General made a loud statement

China’s bid to dominate 5G network technologies will endanger all countries in the world, and this challenge must be confronted collectively, said US Attorney General William Barr.

“If the industrial Internet becomes dependent on Chinese technology, then China will have the opportunity to deprive entire countries of access to the technologies and equipment on which their consumers and the industry depend,” Barra quoted Barra at a conference at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

The Industrial Internet of Things is a system in which various technical devices at an industrial site, such as sensors or equipment, are networked.

“The risk of losing the fight to China for 5G should far outweigh other considerations,” Barr said.

He noted that China is ahead of the United States in developing 5G, but at the same time, Barr accused Beijing of stealing technology from the United States and other countries.

He also said that the US administration should consider the option of forming an alliance with companies such as the Finnish Nokia Oyj and the Swedish Ericsson in order to accelerate the development of alternatives to Chinese telecommunications company Huawei and Chinese technology in general.

“We have to have an [Huawei] alternative for the market,” Barr pointed out.

In 2019, Washington added Huawei to the list of companies that pose a threat to US national security, and therefore, to work with a Chinese manufacturer of telecommunications equipment, American companies must obtain the appropriate licenses.

Australia previously banned the use of Huawei equipment, which the United States accuses of espionage, for its 5G network. The US administration is seeking similar steps from all its allies and partners. At the end of January, the UK government agreed to Huawei's participation in the creation of British 5G networks, but with a number of restrictions.

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