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COVID-19 survivors in India found to have “black mold”

Doctors in the Indian state of Gujarat have recorded an outbreak of mucormycosis (“black mold”), a rare disease caused by mold fungi.

Journalists note that more than 100 people have already been infected in the country. Two days earlier, the publication reported about 40 recorded cases of mucormycosis: eight of their patients lost their sight.

According to the publication, “black mold” is more dangerous than others for people infected with coronavirus, and those who have already survived COVID-19.

The Indian authorities began to take measures to combat the disease. Gujarat has already ordered 5,000 thousand injections to treat patients. In addition, the Government has established special departments for patients with mucormycosis in some hospitals in the state.

Mucormycosis is characterized by damage to the skin and damage to internal organs, which can lead to death. According to the PTI news agency, several residents of India have already died after being infected with ”black mold”.

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