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Salvini and Meloni no longer talk to each other. Causes of collision

It's very cold between Salvini and Meloni right now. According to what Hugo Magri reports in the background, published in La Stampa, relations between the leaders of the two main center-right parties are becoming increasingly strained: “When a couple communicates via text messages, it means that they are breaking up. Meloni and Salvini no longer talk to each other in person, much less on the phone: they talk in the press or, as yesterday morning, via Whatsapp.”

The last sharp criticism would arise about the candidates in the next administrative elections. Salvini suspects that the hand of the Brothers of Italy is behind the torpedoing of Guido Bertolazo in Rome and Gabriele Albertini in Milan. The reconstruction is flatly rejected by Georgia Meloni, who made leader Carroccio realize that no one from her party ever vetoed it.

But the affair brought back to the surface the rust between the two allies. There have been different battlefields in recent weeks, starting with Kopasir. Fratelli d'Italia claimed the presidency as the main opposition party, but, as Hugo Magri writes, “ in order not to give up, Copacir Salvini sought support from the Speaker of the House, Roberto Fico, where Elisabetta Casellati in the Senate seemed to blame him.”

Another battleground seems to be the RAI appointment, where “ league members are targeting whoever creates and destroys the influential Fd'i director Giampaolo Rossi.” If he was rejected by the League when the Board of Directors was renewed, it would be the last Sgarro against Meloni and all-out war, “ writes La Stampa.

Salvini will be unnerved by the continued rise of the “Brothers of Italy” in the polls, concerned about the prospect of subordination to Georgia Meloni and a minority shareholder of the center-right coalition. Will, there be a thaw in the coming weeks? Of course, relations between the two leaders are now at an all-time low.

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