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Riots broke out in Jerusalem

In Jerusalem, riots broke out on the Temple Mount, which turned into clashes with the police. According to the Israeli police, three policemen were injured. It is noted that according to the Red Crescent, 13 Palestinians were injured.

“Many police and border police forces are working to restore order after the unrest that began today on the Temple Mount, during which hundreds of worshippers began to violently violate the order, attacking police officers, throwing stones and objects at them, as a result of which three policemen were injured,” the report said.

According to the police, now the Israeli guards have established control over the situation.

It is noted that on April 7, riots also took place in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in East Jerusalem, two participants were detained. The police were ordered to disperse the protesters, and the participants were given the opportunity to disperse, but they did not do so. In this regard, the police were forced to use special means.

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