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The US has changed its mind to impose new sanctions against Russia

The United States does not want to impose new sanctions against Russia but reserves the right to do so if such a step is justified. This was stated by White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki.

“When we announced our sanctions [in April], we used the maximum room for maneuver in order to be able to take additional [restrictive] measures if their [Russia's] actions become the basis for this,” she said.

On April 27, it became known that the United States was preparing to impose sanctions against Russia. According to a high-ranking US administration official, Washington will make Moscow pay for “ unacceptable actions.”

Earlier, the United States said that the approach of the administration of President Joe Biden to relations with Russia inevitably involves dialogue. On April 28, the American leader addressed the Congress with the traditional message “On the state of the country”. During his speech, he said that Washington does not seek to escalate tensions with Moscow, but promises consequences for “interference”.

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