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North Korea says COVID-19 could enter the country through leaflets from South Korea

North Korean citizens should be vigilant about the possible transmission of coronavirus through South Korean propaganda leaflets distributed from border areas. This was reported on Thursday by the central newspaper of the People's Republic “Nodong Sinmun”.

“Strange objects brought by the wind cannot be considered a natural part of nature, we should consider them as a possible way of transmitting a harmful virus, and not as a common phenomenon, “the newspaper reported, calling on residents and local authorities to” take measures, always thinking, always scrupulously evaluating (the effectiveness of steps) and always moving forward in strengthening education (in the epidemiological sphere) and civil defense.”

The appeal to the citizens of the DPRK also states that vaccines in other countries have allegedly not demonstrated effectiveness in preventing the spread of coronavirus variants and residents of the republic need to take preventive practices seriously.

Activists of a non-governmental organization that unites defectors from the North living in the Republic of Korea, in the period from April 25 to 29, launched 10 balloons filled with helium from the border areas of the South Korean provinces of Gyeonggi-do and Gangwon-do with 500 thousand campaign leaflets, 500 booklets, as well as 5 thousand one-dollar bills into the DPRK. The materials contain criticism of the leadership of the DPRK, their distribution causes a strong protest from Pyongyang.

It should be noted that according to official data (in particular, WHO statistics), no cases of coronavirus infection have been recorded in the DPRK. Since the end of January 2020, the country has taken urgent measures to protect against the spread of the disease, which included the closure of borders, the closure of schools, and the introduction of a nationwide quarantine.

At the same time, the North Korean authorities said that they had conducted 23,121 tests for COVID-19 as of April 1 — according to Pyongyang, all of them showed a negative result.

According to WHO statistics in South Korea, in 124,945 cases of the disease, 1,847 people became victims.

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