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Zero Tolerance: Israel is ready to launch the war in Gaza

Zero Tolerance: Israel is ready to launch the war in Gaza

The Prime Minister and the head of the Israeli Defense Ministry have made it clear that the “devastating blow” to Hamas is approaching.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has threatened Hamas with a “devastating blow” in the event of continued rocket launchers and explosives on Israel. He said this on Sunday, February 9, in a brief statement before the opening of the weekly Cabinet meeting.

Defense Minister Naftali Bennett said of a possible start of the fighting during an earlier operational meeting in the Gaza Strip: “The State of Israel is not looking for an excuse for a war with Hamas in Gaza, but we have obligations to the people of the south of the country,” Israeli Chief of Defense — “The Hamas leaders' policy brings us closer to destructive actions against them. We will not open when and under what circumstances. However, we can say that this operation will be different from the previous ones. And that no one (from the consequences) is safe”.

According to Bennett, Hamas has a simple alternative: either to continue firing and pay an “unbearable price”, or to return to the lull for economic benefits.

The day before, Benjamin Netanyahu warned that Israel was announcing a “zero tolerance” policy on firing from Gaza. Recalling the recent liquidation of a senior Islamic Jihad representative in Gaza, the Prime Minister made it clear that other extremists could expect the same.

It is reported that Bennett and Netanyahu entered into an absentee dispute before the cabinet meeting over possible annexation of the territories in Judea and Samaria. The defense minister wrote on Twitter that he thought it was right to do so before the March 2 elections. In his opinion, “there is no more appropriate moment than today.” Netanyahu, in turn, thinks it is right to postpone the decision until after the election, as requested in Washington.

Recall that in recent weeks, Israel has been subjected to constant rocket attacks and bombings with explosives. The IDF responded mainly to the “terror infrastructure”.

Residents of southern Israel criticize the government for the security situation, and a group of mothers from Gaza border settlements even wrote a letter to the UN asking for protection

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