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India on fire: Thousands of COVID-19 deaths continue to be burned in the streets

In India, 3.7 thousand people died from COVID-19 in a day. More than 382 thousand Hindus were infected with the coronavirus in the same 24 hours. In total, there are more than 20 million infected with Sars-CoV-2 in the country with almost one and a half billion people. The authorities say that a new strain is to blame. Meanwhile, the streets of the cities are filled with the smoke of funeral pyres.

The “coronavirus storm” in India sets monstrous records — over the past day, 3,780 deaths from COVID-19 were counted there. This is reported by the Reuters news agency.

In total, more than 226,000 people have died from the disease and related causes since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic in India. During the same day, 382 thousand new cases of infection were detected there, the total number of cases in the country was more than 20 million.

India has become the second-largest country in the world after the United States in the number of cases of coronavirus. Reuters journalists believe that the outbreak in India could be caused by a new strain of coronavirus-an Indian mutation.

Local doctors call the situation critical — funeral pyres are burning on the streets of cities, hospitals and morgues have long been short of places to receive all patients.

“The insidious virus bypasses everything: even the drugs that were very effective in the last wave, now seem to be not working,” — said the doctor of the intensive care unit Vikramjit Singh, his words are reported by NTV.

Gross violations of the sanitary regime are regularly reported, and mass religious events, holidays, and festivals are constantly held.

The opposition demands to introduce a new nationwide lockdown, but the Indian authorities are in no hurry to take such tough measures. According to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, this measure will be disastrous for the economy, so it should be taken only as a last resort. Decisions on lockdowns and quarantines should be made by the state authorities themselves. Some of them have already decided to introduce restrictions of varying degrees of rigidity.

The Indian strain has already been detected in China and a dozen European Union countries. According to the Italian microbiologist Tiziana Landzarotto, the site with the anti-receptor of the virus could mutate in this case — that is, the zone with which the antibodies work could change. This puts the effectiveness of the vaccines at risk.

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