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Biden promised to vaccinate 70% of the population in two months

US President Joe Biden has set a goal to vaccinate 70% of Americans against the coronavirus by July 4. This was stated in the White House.

The administration will focus on improving access to the drug, as well as organizing vaccinations without an appointment, for example, in mobile clinics.

The United States is in first place in the world in the spread of coronavirus: 32,484,777 people were infected, 577,769 people died. The population of the United States is 330 million people, to date, 32% have been vaccinated, and at least one dose of the drug has been received by 43% of the population.

Earlier it was reported that the White House was divided on the violation of a number of patent rights in the production of vaccines and other drugs against coronavirus, some propose to allow the violation, others oppose it.

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