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Biden has decided on the date of the meeting with Putin

At first, the US president did not understand who the journalists were asking him about, but then he clarified when the meeting with the head of the Kremlin might take place

President of the United States Joe Biden said that he expects that his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin will still take place in June.

He said this when answering a question from journalists about whether the meeting could take place next month.

It should be noted that the US president did not immediately understand about the meeting with whom exactly he was asked, and asked again.

“With whom?.. Yes, I hope and expect that it will be so, “ Biden said.

Recall that on April 14, Biden suggested that Putin meet in a third country. A number of European countries have already made a proposal to host the talks of the presidents.

At the end of April, Russia said that the meeting of Russian and US Presidents Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden could take place in June, but the meeting depends on many factors.

Earlier, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said that among the issues that will be discussed at the US — Russia summit by the presidents of the two countries, Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin, maybe the situation with opposition leader Alexei Navalny and the presence of Russian troops on the border with Ukraine.

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