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In Russia, they estimated the damage to the economy due to Western sanctions

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova assessed the impact of Western sanctions on the country's economy. According to her, the data on the damage varies. The diplomat said this in an interview with RT on Tuesday, May 4.

“The escalation of mutual sanctions pressure has a complex negative impact on both the Russian and Western economies. Estimates of mutual damage vary and are subjective, but are estimated in the hundreds of billions of dollars.

In these conditions, we continue to respond to the restrictions carefully and adequately, guided by the interests of the development of the national economy and domestic economies, “ the representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry explained.

Zakharova recalled the Kremlin's retaliatory economic measures, stressing that currently there is still a restriction on the import of certain types of food products from countries that have announced the introduction of anti-Russian sanctions. Also, the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said about “strengthening the national financial system”.

“In many ways, we managed to adapt to external challenges, turn the situation in our favor, launch import substitution programs, and develop promising and competitive sectors of the domestic economy,” Zakharova concluded.

Earlier, the Financial Times newspaper, citing experts, reported that the Russian economy, which has been subject to sanctions imposed by Western countries for several years, is currently in a more stable state than ever. Experts concluded that over the past years, the country's economy has managed to adapt: Russia has reduced government spending and spent trillions of rubles on import substitution programs, stimulating domestic production.

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