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The Pentagon announced a major military exercise in Alaska

The exercise of the US armed forces Northern Edge 2021 with the participation of 15 thousand troops and 240 different aircraft begins on Monday, May 3, in Alaska. This was announced by the press secretary of the US Department of Defense John Kirby.

According to him, the exercises will involve members of the US Air Force, Ground Forces, Navy and Marine Corps, as well as the aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt and its escort ships.

“(The exercise) focuses on high — quality realistic training of fighters to develop and improve joint operational interaction and increase combat readiness, “ Kirby said.

Earlier, on May 1, it was reported that the US Air Force RC-135V aircraft on May 1 made a multi-hour reconnaissance flight near the borders of Russia in the Far East. It was noted that the plane took off from the Ailson air base in Alaska and cruised off the south-eastern coast of Kamchatka.

The United States in 2019 has already conducted the Northern Edge exercise in Alaska, which involved about 10 thousand troops, 250 aircraft, including the latest fifth-generation F-35B fighters of the Marine Corps and F-22 of the Air Force, as well as five ships, including the nuclear aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt and the destroyers of its escort Russell, Kidd, and John Finn, as well as the tanker Henry Kaiser.

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