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The U.S. has increased the limit on accepting refugees

US President Joe Biden announced that in the current fiscal year, the country will accept 62.5 thousand refugees.

“Today I am announcing the revision of the annual limit on the admission of refugees to the United States to 62.5 thousand this fiscal year. This will erase the historically low minimum of 15,000 set by the previous administration, “ Biden said.

According to him, the previously established figures did not reflect the values of the United States, where refugees are welcomed and supported. The President stressed that the figure remains 125 thousand, which he intends to achieve in the next fiscal year.

Earlier, the United States allocated $86 million to accommodate migrants in hotels.

The money is intended for migrants who have crossed the US-Mexico border. The program will be implemented by the non-profit organization Endeavors. According to media reports, the hotels are located in border areas in Arizona and Texas.

The publication claims that the service cannot cope with the growing number of migrants. It is noted that hotels, in contrast to traditional permission centers, follow fewer security rules.

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